C a l v i n  M e a d o w s  R a c i n g

Bandolero Bandits


Quick Stats:

Birthdate:  July 20, 1996

Birthplace:  Martinsville, VA

Hometown:  Martinsville, VA

Calvin Meadows of Martinsville, Virginia began racing at 7 years of age.  With the drive and determination to succeed, Calvin is chasing the dream of being in the NASCAR series.


In 2004, Calvin started racing in the Mini-Wedge go-kart division at local tracks such as Oak Level Raceway, Caswell County Speedway and Stateline Speedway.  After 4 years of enjoyed success in this division it was time to move forward.


Emerging in the Bandolero Racing Series in February 2008 Calvin soon became a top competitor week after week.  He started in the beginner class and quickly moved his way up to the Bandit class.  It was then he had to change his car number from 7 to 07.   In just his first year he had 12 wins, 7 seconds and 6 third place finishes.  He also went on to capture the 2008 Summer Slam Championship at Orange County Raceway located in Rougemont, North Carolina.  Also captured the Virginia State Inex Points Championship.  In 2009 Calvin will be advancing to the Young Guns division for racers age 12-15.  He is looking forwarding to racing with the older boys to gain more experience.  Calvin continued with 7 wins for 2009 season.  He captured the 2009 championship at Orange County Raceway and the 2009 Virginia State Inex Points Championship.  For the 2010 season he competed in the Outlaw Division.  Starting off the season on March 20th at Orange County Speedway with his 1st win of the season.  I complete the 2010 season with 6 wins.  Again I win a total of 3 Championships under the OCR/OCS series and again the Virginia State Inex Points Championship.


Racing in the Bandolero series, Calvin has had the opportunity to travel and race at many tracks including, Bristol Motor Speedway, Lowes Motor Speedway, Orange County Speedway, Ace Speedway, Hickory Motor Speedway, Concord Motorsports Park and Bowman Gray Stadium. 

Now with 3 very successful years in the Bandolero Series under my belt, it is time to move to the next level.

On  May 17, 2011 my parents purchased a 2009 Limited Late Model  from Jimmy Rice.  I will take the 2011 season to practice and get use to the car.  I am looking so forward to 2012 and hoping to continue my racing success.

Calvin is thankful for his family and all of his great sponsors who give him the opportunity to do what he loves.  Racing would not be possible without the help of his sponsors who support him year after year. 

Calvin had a good 2012 season, he finished 8th in the points.  He received the "Sportsmanship Award".  He had 3 top 5 finishes and 12 top 10 finishes for the season.

Calvin is looking forward to his 2nd year of racing at Ace Speedway.  He is hoping for a much successful year in 2013.

Calvin had a great 2013 season, he finished 3rd in the points.  He had 11 top 5 finishes and 15 top 10 finishes out of 16 races at Ace Speedway.   April 11th will start the 3rd year of racing at Ace Speedway and he is looking forward to another awesome year.

Calvin had a great 2014 season, he finished 2nd in the points.  

Calvin had a great first year at South Boston Speedway in 2015.  He competed in 9 races and had 8 top 5 finishes.  He finished 3rd in the track points.


For more information on Calvin and his racing please contact him at calvinmeadowsracing@gmail.com.